The company ''ARKE 2000'' Ltd. was created as a heir of a little workshop ''POLIESTER'', which had its business beginning in April 2000.

In the beginning our aim was humble – survival on the market. The plan was realized very quickly and the aim was exceeded. We won Bosnia and Herzegovina market. In October 2003 we were re-registered in ARKE 2000.


The main interest in the company is the production of PE and PP bags various sizes and shapes, Al folios, stretch folios and baking paper. We are selling our products in territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and we are exporting the most part of products to Croatia, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Germany…

We have established a quality management system according to the high demands of international standard ISO 9001 respecting the legal and professional standards. We achieve cooperation with more reputable European companies which are dealing with recycling and with producing recycled materials of polyethylene. We are based on principles of organization which learn quickly and which have ability of quick adaptation to condition of “market game” and strong competition. We want to provide decent incomes to employees, technically modern working conditions, tolerate cooperative atmosphere, and educational opportunities to acquire of the new knowledge and skills.


The assortment of our product is very large. We produce bags with D2W additive for biodegradation. We set aside one product (PE foil to cover), which we placed on the domestic and foreign markets cooperating with the distributor. We improve the quality as well as production process of that product. Our products are used in all spheres of life. It is almost inconceivable live without bags for freezers, trash bags and other PE and PP products, Al folios, stretch folios, baking paper, and the proof for that is we the massive use of the same. Households, industry production, chain stores in Bosnia and Herzegovina market as well as foreign market are places where you can find our products.

Our product cannot be repaired but it can be recycled. In the case of complaints, we respond to customer’s complaints within, and in the case of justification we deliver new goods. In case of placement of new products, we previously examine needs of the market and prices. Often preparing to enter the market with a new product last much longer than the placement and distribution itself.